The Game

A challenge for you and your team!

Think logically, think outside the box. Prove your ability to combine!

Find the “key”, solve the mystery and complete the mission!

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Are you looking for something different to do in Madrid? Looking for an exciting live action escape room activity? You will love EXIT Madrid.

Our challenges will transfer you to another place and another time. To find the right way to solve the mission you have to find the hints and clues, combine them to complete the picture, be creative, use the logic and cooperate. It’s a team game and you should complete the mission before the time runs out!

For your unforgettable Madrid experience we’ve got 5 rooms with four different scenarios. Investigate at home of a suspicious Art Merchant, be a part of a CIA command, find out what´s on an eccentric and crazy prof´s next exam or try to find evidence to reopen the case of a man sentenced to death.

If you want to enter into direct competition, you can also choose to play the EXIT Madrid Battle mode: two teams play against each other in two identically furnished rooms (“The Art Merchant. 1932″). The battle is not only against time, but also against another team, solving the identical mission! Imagine all the possibilities: Married vs Single, Men vs Women, Parents vs Children, Departments of the same company against each other… There are endless combinations!

The five rooms in EXIT Madrid have a capacity for up to 25 people at a time. The EXIT game is played in a team of 2 to 5 players (with the exception of the mission “Death Penalty. 1962”, in which the minimum number of participants is three).

But don´t worry, our professional team of Game Masters, prepared to provide you with the best escape room experience, will help you with words and deeds – but it’s up to you to be ahead of time and escape from the clutches of this live action EXIT game.



The Game – EXIT Game Madrid