Adrenaline-filled escape: Cold War – Double Agent 1976

The flagship of EXIT® Madrid.

A compact escape room, with a complex narrative, a difficult-to-decipher pace, and an adrenaline-filled ending.


A non-sequential escape room, with a high workload and diverse puzzles. You may find something in the 5th minute of the game, which you’ll only use in the 50th minute, so your structuring and organizational skills, as well as communication between players, are crucial. Additionally, it’s the only one of our escape room missions where you can lose before the 66th minute; it never happens at the 30th or 40th minute mark, but towards the end, a situation of alert will arise, and you will be notified of it…


Will you have the ability to keep calmn and have cold-blood…?


An ideal escape game to play with: friends, family, for team building, as a couple, for bachelor/bachelorette parties, marriage proposals, and celebrations.


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