Most Sensory Escape Unit 731, 1942

Our most sensory escape game.

You will need to use 4 out of your 5 senses to solve the puzzles.



An escape room with a very powerful and immersive narrative that will practically guide you to the next puzzle you have to solve. In the dynamics of the escape game, it is crucial to optimize time, focusing on maximizing the talents of each player and how they contribute to the team. Like Cold War – Double Agent 1976, it’s a room that starts non-sequentially and has an adrenaline-filled ending, as it is the only escape room at EXIT® where you actually have to escape.


Will you be able to find compelling evidence to incriminate unit 731 of the Imperial Japanese Army,

to bring them to justice, and to stop the atrocious acts they are committing?

And even more importantly… Will you manage to escape alive?


Ideal escape game to play: with friends, family, team building, two people, bachelor/bachelorette parties, marriage proposals, birthdays, as a couple, celebrations.


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