Most Popular Escape: The Art Merchant 1932

Surprises and excitement are what you’ll find in our most popular escape game room.

An emotional escape experience with a bit of adrenaline at the end!


A dynamic mission with a high workload and sequential tasks, makes this escape room challenge a must at EXIT® Game Madrid. If you’re looking for a mission with an immersive narrative, challenging riddles, but where each discovery leads you to the next step, this is the right choice for you. Its workload makes it ideal for a team challenge in an escape room that will leave you wanting to play again.


The spanish cultural patrimony of the 1930’s will be in your hands detectives…


Ideal escape game to play: as a couple, with family, friends, students, with young children (8 years and older), for team building, bachelor/bachelorette parties, marriage proposals, birthdays, celebrations.


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