Originally Challenging Escape Death Penalty 1962

A prisoner separated from the rest of the team, if you want to set him free, you must communicate efficiently.

Our most original escape game…


The minimum number of players in this escape game is 3 people. The team must decide which member of the group will be the condemned to death. The volunteer (who must be of legal age) will be separated from the rest of the team for one-third of the challenge (22 minutes). You won’t be able to see each other, but you’ll be able to hear each other throughout the game.


The prisoner has the answers, and the rest of the team has the questions. Neither the prisoner knows the answers he must give, nor the team knows the questions they must ask. The key: communication.


Will you find the evidence to stop his execution and reopen the case before it’s too late?


Ideal escape game for: bachelor/bachelorette parties, birthdays, friends, family, team building, assertive communication training, experienced escapers, celebrations.


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